about us

Poliberto┬┤s Bell Rd is based in traditional Mexican food. Our goal is simple: to provide freshly made authentic Mexican food in a practical way. Every dish and salsa is freshly made by us from scratch. To make a simple salsa, we cook and grind different kinds of chilis and spices, and then combine them all together to make it happen! Especially our meats. Meats take the longest time to make. We cook them with secret ingredient combinations and let them marinate for hours to give it that special flavor. Mexican food is complicated and takes time to make. We do the hard work to provide you with the best quality so you can enjoy it. So just remember, when you see that simple salsa in your dish, it took hours of preparation! Everything we serve is made by us. We provide drive thru service for clients who are in a hurry or just passing by. We also provide free wifi, TV and free coffee for clients who want to dine in.