Three simple rules for creating the perfect taco


This installment of deeper diving into the treasures of our Recipe Finder is brought to you by Lauren Loftus’s recent paean to the Baja-style fish taco and Weekend’s guide to the D.C. tacosphere. It will complete your total taco intelligence: three simple rules for making them at home.

Don’t overstuff. It might take practice, but attention to this detail will net you tacos that you can eat — without utensils. When the filled taco’s still flat, look for a clear inch of corn tortilla edge around whatever you’ve got in the middle.

If you do have a tendency to load up on the filling or prefer fillings that are on the softer side, the double-tortilla approach will help.

Choose white onion. Friend of Food and “Pati’s Mexican Table” star Pati Jinich clued us in years ago about this. White onion adds a juicy crunch with less punishment than yellow or Spanish onion. (She prefers white onion for salsas and salads, too.)

Add some acid. A pickled condiment, a dollop of crema or sauce and/or a squeeze of fresh lime juice will bring the elements together.

And this is where we point you in the direction of some of the best taco recipes you’ll find anywhere. But first . . . .


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